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Hannah Arrioti

Hannah Arrioti


Stories are universal, they belong to the human race. Hannah is a director indebted to people; gripped by the desire to capture a little piece of humanity in the stories she tells.

She cut her teeth on documentary, with stories of survival and loss, and continued on to direct narrative films that have taken her around the world. For Hannah, the priority is to understand people – what makes us dream, what makes us fail, what makes us keep going – so that everything she creates is honest and meaningful.

She then made the move to fashion and advertising, bringing a relatable humanity to content-driven campaigns and thinking up new ways to deliver emotional connection.

Having worked as a writer, dop, editor and producer, she offers a proficiency across all disciplines of the art, enabling her to understand every element of a brief and giving an edge of effortless fluidity to her work. She aims to enable and express true connection every single time, so that just for a moment, reality melts into the story she has spun.

Hannah's Work