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Julia Holmes

Julia Holmes

Director & Producer

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That’s the adage that drives 31 year-old director and producer, Julia Holmes. Twelve years ago, Julia fell into the fierce world of broadcast media and instantly loved the frenetic pace and formidable story-telling style.

After five years as a Senior Producer of news and current affairs with the Seven Network, Julia threw it all in and travelled the world solo. Enjoying the boldness of adventure, Julia was naturally drawn to the art of observing humans and exploring their stories. She returned to Australia a year later determined to create in her work a stronger experience between story and the listener.

For the last six years, Julia’s passion for storytelling has been utilised in both the online content space and in short form broadcast storytelling, where her talents in creative writing, directing and interviewing were employed to develop stories centred around the human narrative. Her character and affable approach naturally draws the best from the people she meets, enabling content with a strong purpose and sensitivity.

Julia's Work